Next Big Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset.

Send and Receive GSA in a second. Any time, any amount, anywhere. Be your own bank and take full control of your digital assets.

Decentralized blockchain network

GSA Open-source blockchain,
No-central authority

GSA’s open-source project does not depend on any central authority and all transactions are conducted entirely in the blockchain.

Crypto Wallet

Best-in-class security

When it comes to ensuring that your crypto assets are secure, we think about every last detail so you don’t have to.

Masternode mining technology

1 Click Masternode

GSA offers a service for launching Masternodes, which is designed to solve the investor’s problems. Masternode creator has no need to study the cryptocurrency and no need to spend time on hosting MN VPS study to understand the details of Hosting systems.


MasterNode Host Platform

For Individuals who are not very technical, the GSA Masternode Host Platform (GMHP) solved their problem! GMHP provide you with an excellent opportunity to earn masternode rewards without having to manage your node actively. GMHP support dedicated masternode hosting for all major blockchains! Like, Dash, Firo, SmartCash.


GSA promises a secure transaction within a low cost transaction fee. Thinking for transaction cost is not a job anymore

Fast transaction

When it comes to GSA, we always care for your time. We never keep you await, GSA transactions are super fast!

Secure wallet

It is a user-friendly system yet too powerful to be hacked. Just as any regular wallet or software that you use as a daily driver for your transactions.

Latest blockchain

Advanced user data protection, community governance, PoS consensus algorithm, and multi-purpose Masternodes.

Get started

Create a GSA wallet

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How to Get/Buy GSA


Buying GSA is getting easier, You can buy GSA through cryptocurrency exchanges.


You can Send or receive GSA to friends and family worldwide in a second too.


You can mine GSA according to how many coins you hold. It’s known as Proof of Stake (PoS)

GSA is the fastest, decentralized, highly secured, anonymous cryptocurrency which generated a skyrocket ROI more than any coin in crypto space.